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Radical Remedies: Vaginal Health



Many women these days struggle with a very uncomfortable vaginal condition called a yeast infection. It is caused by yeast called Candida. It’s a normal inhabitant of the vagina in most women but normally it is kept in check by the invisible good bacterial flora such as lactobacilli. When this healthy flora is hindered the Candida has “room” to multiply and flourish. Such disturbances to the normal bacterial flora can be caused by frequent lavages with a detergent, the use of antibiotics or a weakened immune system such as occurs in diabetes or HIV.

It not only produces an unpleasant odour but it also looks unappealing. Furthermore it cases irritation to the vaginal walls as well as the cervix making both more susceptible to infections. Such infections may even be in the form of papilloma virus which makes the cervix more susceptible to cancer formation. Finally Candida also makes an unfriendly environment for sperm, making this infection a significant hindrance to insemination and the initiation of pregnancy.

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