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Increasing Sex Hormones




Did you know that sex hormones are not only good for sex? It’s true that they increase our sex drive, but they do much more than that.  In men, they are responsible for the masculine physical characteristics: muscle mass, energy, vigour, and libido. In women, they are responsible for the female physical characteristics: the ovulatory and menstrual cycles, maintenance of pregnancy (if one occurs), and libido. The main sex hormone in men is testosterone and the main ones in women are estrogen and DHEA. As we age past the age of 40, these sex hormones slowly decline. This decline is what is mainly responsible for the weaker sex drive, lower energy, less physical activity and decreased muscle mass.

There are a few ways that we can increase sex hormones. In men, the least healthy ways of doing this are either anabolic steroids or testosterone replacement in the form of patches or gels. The problem here is that anabolics are toxic to the liver, dilate the heart (which makes it harder for the heart to do its job), inhibit the natural production of testosterone and can lead to infertility. Testosterone replacement, although safer than anabolics , can cause heart attacks and strokes due to increased number of red blood  cells (which makes the blood more viscous, predisposing one to complete blockage of an artery) as well as increased risk of prostate cancer or simply urination problems due to prostate enlargement. Steroid anabolics also cause these problems….Read more…..

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Radical Remedies: Hemp Hearts





Last Saturday on the radio at the Natural Health Show (Saturday 11am ET AM740 and Sunday 5pm PT AM980) I discussed the topic of Hemp Hearts as a super food. I find this topic dear to my heart as I have been involved in healthy body building most of my life and healthy plant based protein sources are essential for the practice of this sport.

This topic is of strong interest at the present in the athletic and the health supplement world because of two reasons. First, traditional animal based (including dairy) protein sources usually contain unhealthy fats and cholesterol. When broken down they acidify the body. This slows down muscle growth, breaks down bones (by dissolving the calcium) and creates an inflammatory state all over the body. The combination of bad fats, lack of fiber and excess acidity can cause a myriad of chronic and serious medical conditions. Furthermore, animal protein sources contain very little, if any, nutrients in the form of vitamins and minerals.

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