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Radical Remedy: Transcendental Mediation

Stress is a silent killer. And there is no shortage of it in our fast paced, big-city lives. It burdens our mental health and releases the stress hormone cortisol – a hormone that contributes to cardiovascular disease, obesity, poor glucose control and diabetes.

Enter transcendental meditation. It not only reduces stress substantially, but it may also lead to deeper self-awareness and spiritual development. And it doesn’t have to be about religion — it’s about meditation’s proven effect on our health – not to mention the relaxed mind and body state it creates.

You don’t need special training to meditate. Just grab a pillow and sit down in a peaceful corner of your home, yard or office. Sit up straight and relax your body, ensuring that your shoulders and spine are aligned.


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Irritable Bowel Syndrome IBS


Welcome back all of my dear readers. This months blog themes are Cancer awareness (prevention and what to do once you got it), and Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS). I will begin with the latter.

The prevalence of IBS in the Canadian population is 6%. It is 3 times more likely to be diagnosed in women than in men and is responsible for 30 billion dollars annually in medical costs and non medical costs (e.g. work absenteeism) in the US.

The symptoms are mostly abdominal pain with a predominance of diarrhea, constipation or both alternating with one another. Other symptoms are excessive flatulence and bloating.

A clear cause is still unknown. There are two prevalent theories. One is that a large proportion of IBS occurs after some kind of gastrointestinal infection. The other large proportion of IBS occurs in individuals that have undergone some kind of significant stressful event. This stressful event may have happened just prior to the IBS symptoms or years before. Needless to say psychological trauma and/or GI infections seem to correlate strongly with this condition. Continue reading

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Increasing Sex Hormones




Did you know that sex hormones are not only good for sex? It’s true that they increase our sex drive, but they do much more than that.  In men, they are responsible for the masculine physical characteristics: muscle mass, energy, vigour, and libido. In women, they are responsible for the female physical characteristics: the ovulatory and menstrual cycles, maintenance of pregnancy (if one occurs), and libido. The main sex hormone in men is testosterone and the main ones in women are estrogen and DHEA. As we age past the age of 40, these sex hormones slowly decline. This decline is what is mainly responsible for the weaker sex drive, lower energy, less physical activity and decreased muscle mass.

There are a few ways that we can increase sex hormones. In men, the least healthy ways of doing this are either anabolic steroids or testosterone replacement in the form of patches or gels. The problem here is that anabolics are toxic to the liver, dilate the heart (which makes it harder for the heart to do its job), inhibit the natural production of testosterone and can lead to infertility. Testosterone replacement, although safer than anabolics , can cause heart attacks and strokes due to increased number of red blood  cells (which makes the blood more viscous, predisposing one to complete blockage of an artery) as well as increased risk of prostate cancer or simply urination problems due to prostate enlargement. Steroid anabolics also cause these problems….Read more…..

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