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Boosting your Libido Part 2: Natural Alternatives to Cialis and Viagra




Last week I discussed how drugs such as Cialis and Viagra are double-edged swords. On the one hand they effectively increase the blood flow to the penis, thus combating erectile dysfunction. However, they are linked to some potentially serious side effects, such as penis damage due to a prolonged erection, as well as dangerous drops in blood pressure. They also involve discussing intimate issues in order to procure a doctor’s prescription, which many men are reluctant to do.

Some dietary supplements, although not as potent as Cialis and Viagra, rarely present with uncomfortable side effects and may have health benefits in addition to their sexual enhancement effects. Continue reading


Options for upping your libido: Viagra and Cialis vs. natural alternatives




Many men suffer from erectile dysfunction, lack of libido, (i.e., sex drive), and premature ejaculation due to overexcitement or sexually related anxiety. In the absence of sexual partners, this may be seen as a blessing. But for those of you wanting frequent and satisfying intimate relations, it can be a serious burden. Many turn to prescription medication to help this condition. But there are natural alternatives too.

The sexually enhancing properties of certain plants have been backed by well-conducted human clinical trials. These plants go by the name of Eurycoma longifolia, Tribulus terrestris, Maca, and the plants of the ginseng family.

The prescription route

So why search for natural, plant-based remedies when we have such miraculous prescription medications such as Viagra and Cialis? Well, for one, these are prescription medications and they involve the hassle of going to a doctor and discussing intimate issues, which many men are reluctant to do. Some perceive these conditions as a threat to their manliness.

Those who opt for the more anonymous online route should know that ordering these medicines without a prescription poses serious health risks. Usually such medicines are shipped from Asia or India where there are no stringent regulatory standards in place to ensure that the drug produced is safe for human consumption and that it actually lives up to its claims. These medicines may be contaminated with harmful compounds or manufactured in a manner that produces a toxic byproduct. Continue reading

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Tips for Increased Fertility Part 2




Today I will continue the topic of fertility. All the things that I covered in my first article on the topic in relation to women also apply to men, except of course the increased need for folic acid during pregnancy.

For Men

There is one thing that is specific to men. The reason why men have testes (i.e. the site where sperm is produced) outside of the abdominal cavity is because production of sperm requires a slightly lower temperature than normal body temperature. This difference in temperature is only about 2 degrees Celsius, but it is very important. Increasing the temperature by only 1 or 2 degrees can hinder sperm production to the point of infertility. This is why it is important for men not to wear tight underwear. Such underwear keeps the testes close to the rest of the body, thus increasing the temperature of the testes and hindering sperm production.

Continue reading

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Tips for Increased Fertility, Part 1




Today many couples have problems conceiving. If the problem is simply mechanical, there is the option of in vitro fertilization. This process entails extracting an egg from a woman’s ovary and sperm from a man. Then the sperm is then injected into the egg in a laboratory setting. This stimulates the fertilized egg to undergo cellular divisions and this is how life begins. When the egg becomes a ball of cells, it is injected into the uterus of the woman for it to undergo implantation into the uterine wall. Once implanted, it continues its development to become a fetus.

This all sounds great and in fact, it is. But it does not work when there is a problem with either the egg or the sperm. Such problems can be genetic or environmental. When genetic, there is really not much that can be done at the present with the state of our technology. The only options in such cases are to take a healthy sperm or egg from a donor or to adopt a child. If the problem is environmental, it can have many causes that can be eliminated for increased fertility.

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Stress and Libido




Perhaps one of the most important aspects of how libido (i.e. sex drive) is influenced is stress. This relates to both physical as well as mental stress. Stress and libido are inversely related. When stress level goes up, libido goes down.


This is a vestige of our evolutionary ancestry. Back in the day, most stress was caused by either lack of food, bad weather, or risk from predators or other competing humans. It didn’t  make much sense to procreate and have children during these periods. Lack of resources and risk from predators or other humans decreased the chances of a successful pregnancy, labour and child development. The increased risk was both to the woman and the child. Energy and focus was at such times directed towards personal survival more then towards procreation. Thus, men and women were more motivated to gather food, build shelters and protect the existing family. Such shifts in human behaviour from procreation to self-preservation, and vice versa, are mainly controlled by our endocrine system (i.e. our hormones). Continue reading

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Cervical Health and Diindolymethane




Since the discovery of the Pap smear in the early part of the 20th century, the incidence of cervical cancer among women had dropped dramatically. This is especially true of countries where the cost of the Pap smear is covered by government health agencies and where the Pap smear is regularly promoted.

It is recommended that all women start an annual Pap smear at the age of 18 or at the age of first intercourse. The Pap smear is nothing more than swabbing, with a cotton swab to the cervix, in order to take a sample of the cells lining the cervix. The cells are then examined under the microscope to see if any cancerous changes have taken place. By doing regular annual examinations, the cancerous changes can be picked up very early and steps can be taken to prevent the development of cancer. If followed, this type of prevention is very effective, reducing the risk of cancer formation to practically zero. Although this is the best prevention of cervical cancer, there are some imperfections with the Pap smear. For one they are not 100% accurate (this is one of the reasons why regular yearly tests are recommended) and if they actually discover cancerous cells, the procedures and steps taken to prevent the cancer from forming are actually very uncomfortable. These procedures may also weaken the strength of the cervix, potentially leading to some complications during pregnancy….Read more….

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A Better Sex Life and a Healthier Libido



The month of February has one of the most wonderful days of the year and that day is Valentines Day. This is a time for couples to emphasize their love, take each other out for nice treats and show appreciation for one another. It is a time to celebrate the love and emotions that go along with being in a healthy relationship. Because sex can often have such an intimate relationship with love, perhaps the month of February can also be a time to discuss the many ways to increase and/or maintain a healthy and satisfying sex life. That is why I have chosen this topic along with heart health as themes for the month of February, which is also heart health awareness month.

As far as details go you can follow my blogs during this month and find out many interesting things on the topic. Here, however, I wanted to give you a general outline.

So what does it take to have a satisfying sex life? Generally speaking there are three main components. The first one is the emotional side. Not everyone needs this to have satisfying sex but there are certainly many people who have more satisfying sex when they are emotionally attached to their partner. This is something each one of us must work on by ourselves. It requires searching for love or nurturing the love you do have…..Read more…..