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Radical Remedies: Baby Blues




Baby Blues is a psychological state experienced by about 50% of women right after giving birth. It’s basically light depression. The reason for this is not entirely clear, but it is likely multifactorial. The ending of pregnancy may be one of them. Most women are very happy to be pregnant and to have the baby as part of their body. Birth, although bringing into the world the baby that mothers love, and wait for, ends this stage. The other most likely reason is pain and exhaustion associated with giving birth. I have seen it many times and it’s absolutely mind boggling what women have to go through. Even today with strong pain killers and muscle contractants like oxytocin it’s an amazing feat to say the least. After going through so much pain and physical exhaustion it’s no wonder that some women feel depressed. Finally there are many hormonal changes during and after birth. This can cause some imbalances in the hormonal milieu of the mother, contributing to the blues.  Unfortunately this can last a few weeks, so it makes utmost sense to try something natural that can alleviate this, without going into prescription anti-depressants.

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