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Boosting your Libido Part 2: Natural Alternatives to Cialis and Viagra




Last week I discussed how drugs such as Cialis and Viagra are double-edged swords. On the one hand they effectively increase the blood flow to the penis, thus combating erectile dysfunction. However, they are linked to some potentially serious side effects, such as penis damage due to a prolonged erection, as well as dangerous drops in blood pressure. They also involve discussing intimate issues in order to procure a doctor’s prescription, which many men are reluctant to do.

Some dietary supplements, although not as potent as Cialis and Viagra, rarely present with uncomfortable side effects and may have health benefits in addition to their sexual enhancement effects. Continue reading

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Tips for Increased Fertility, Part 1




Today many couples have problems conceiving. If the problem is simply mechanical, there is the option of in vitro fertilization. This process entails extracting an egg from a woman’s ovary and sperm from a man. Then the sperm is then injected into the egg in a laboratory setting. This stimulates the fertilized egg to undergo cellular divisions and this is how life begins. When the egg becomes a ball of cells, it is injected into the uterus of the woman for it to undergo implantation into the uterine wall. Once implanted, it continues its development to become a fetus.

This all sounds great and in fact, it is. But it does not work when there is a problem with either the egg or the sperm. Such problems can be genetic or environmental. When genetic, there is really not much that can be done at the present with the state of our technology. The only options in such cases are to take a healthy sperm or egg from a donor or to adopt a child. If the problem is environmental, it can have many causes that can be eliminated for increased fertility.

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Radical Remedies: Healthy Fertility




Fertility is a big issue in our society. With more and more processed foods and artificial preservatives in our diet, the lack of nutrient-based foods, and progressively older age of women and men becoming parents for the first time, it is little wonder that this is a growing concern.

Fortunately in the vast majority of cases, simple changes in diet, exercise and lifestyle can increase fertility to the point of conceiving without resorting to expensive techniques such as in vitro fertilization.

The following supplements have been shown to enhance fertility:

Red Raspberry Leaf in capsule form or as a tea

Red Clover

Nettle Leaf

Maca which also increases libido (should not be used during pregnancy)

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Radical Remedies: The Health Benefits of Magic Mushrooms




Today’s Radical Remedies topic is perhaps the most interesting so far. With increasing legality of medical marijuana and the increasing flow of positive evidence of its health benefits, it is no surprise that renowned university research centers have undertaken studies of magic mushrooms.

A study performed by John Hopkins University has found that low doses of the active ingredient in magic mushrooms, called psilocybin, had an antiaging effect on “openness”. Openness relates to the ability to see and appreciate beauty, to imagine, to be aware of our own and other people’s feelings, and to be curious and creative. Normally these traits attenuate as we age, as we become more rigid. Magic mushrooms have been found to reverse this process with long lasting effects, on average up to a year or longer.

Research volunteers have reported increased feelings of interconnectedness to all people and things, feeling of peace and joy, a sense of sacredness, and of stepping outside of “normal time and space”.

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Sensual Aromatherapy




We are nearing the end of this month and our two themes for February, which were Heart Health and Sexual Health. Next month, the new themes will be Men’s Health, detox and natural and safe cleaning products. Of course, I will be covering the medical topics. The other equally and interesting topics will be covered by our other experts at Vitarock.

In this last blog post of the month, I want to write about sensual aromatherapy. Oils of various herbs and spices have been used for millennia as perfumes and pleasant smells in spas and bedrooms. This practice dates back to the ancient Greeks and Romans who prized themselves on very spacious and highly sophisticated spas. These spas were commonly used not only for relaxation but also for conversations, wine drinking and yes, sex. Many natural oils were discovered at that time and were applied to the steaming water or on top of wood burning furnaces to emanate an aroma that was pleasing to the senses as well as stimulating the senses in a sensual and sexual way. Continue reading