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Pain Management




Pain Management. It’s a very hot topic, and a topic which will be covered on the upcoming episode of the Natural Health Show. The reason for this is straight forward. It is safe to say that every living person in this world has experienced pain at one time or another. It is also the predominant feature of most diseases, acute and chronic alike. The human body has literally millions of pain nerve endings which are located in every single organ (including the skin) with the exception of the brain. The brain is unique in this respect because it is the organ which processes pain signals and sends signals back to the point of origin so that we feel pain in those regions, but it has no pain receptors of its own. In other words poking the brain during brain surgeries does not elicit pain and that is why some brain surgeries are performed on conscious patients without general anesthesia.

From the biological point of view the reason for the existence of pain is two fold. First is makes us aware that something is wrong and that the region of our body where the pain is located needs our attention and care. Secondly pain is commonly elicited in regions of the body where there is an inflammatory process. This inflammatory process is partly beneficial because it attracts immune cells to this specific region so that these cells can “fix” the problem. On the other hand, if the inflammation is chronic and lasts a long time it causes progressive damage to the organ which is inflamed. This may lead to chronic long term illnesses, some examples of which are arthritis (due to inflammation of joints), bronchitis (due to inflammation of airways), or cirrhosis (due to inflammation of the liver), to name a few.

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