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Arthritis and Natural Solutions




My inspiration for today’s blog topic was something I experienced while running in this morning before work. It’s something that many of us are familiar with this time of year:  joint pain. Thankfully it’s probably nothing serious and it quickly went away with a little “lubrication” stimulated by the exercise. However, I realized that this is something that probably a lot of us are experience right now due to the ever changing weather conditions and the damp fall air. Why this happens is not entirely clear, and in many cases it is just a harmless and temporary occurrence while we adapt to the colder weather.

However, in many cases joint pain can be attributed to arthritis and this is a medical condition that needs more attention. Arthritic conditions actually encompass a whole separate specialty in medicine. There are four main types of arthritis. The most common one is Osteoarthritis (due to damage to the joint either by excessive usage, infection, or age). The other types are Autoimmune Arthritis (where the immune system makes a mistake and recognizes joint tissue as something foreign and therefore mounts an attack on the joint tissue), Septic Arthritis (which is due to an infection of the joint), and Gout (which is due to the deposition of Uric Acid and which in many cases can be prevented by a diet low in red meat and alcohol). Although they are all different, there are two things that are common to all of these types of arthritic conditions and these are inflammation and damage to joint tissue…Read more….

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Radical Remedies: Prescription Medications, Their Side Effects and Natural Alternatives

prescription medicine medication side effects




As you may have heard on the Natural Health Show this last Saturday I talked about prescription medications and natural alternative compounds. Most of you may have been shocked by my approach, but as a Medical Doctor I am aware of the serious side effects of all prescription meds. Of course some have more serious potential side effects than others but they all have them to some degree. It is the art of the medical profession to weigh the pros and cons of any medication to determine if the beneficial effects of treating certain conditions outweigh the negative effects of these medications.

The problem is that this art takes years of clinical experience and a clear understanding of the positive and negative effects of prescription meds. Another problem is that in general there is a tendency on the part of physicians to over-prescribe medications especially in situations where the medical condition is not as serious as to warrant the use of such medications. This applies especially when there are alternative more natural solutions with either no side effects at all or side effects which are much less serious and burdensome to the patient.

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