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The Hypocrisy of the US Marijuana Laws





Up until the early 20th century, cannabis was widely used for the manufacture of rope and clothing, and also as a medicine. Early colonists before the Declaration of Independence were ordered by the King of England to grow at least 100 cannabis plants at any one time. It was not until 1906, with the passing of the Pure Food and Drug Act, that most states branded cannabis a “poison” and required using this term on the label of any cannabis product intended for human consumption. The reason for this was that cannabis was still available in the US as a prescription drug.


It was not until the 1930s with the establishment of the Federal Bureau of Narcotics that the real war on cannabis began. Cannabis in any form was branded a poison and a “killer drug”, making people “insane”, “dangerous” and overly promiscuous. This was followed by the Nixon and Regan administrations (both avid enemies of cannabis) and their passing of a number of anti-cannabis laws. Continue reading

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Milk Thistle for Detox and Liver Support


When I studied medicine in Europe,  I noticed that it was standard hospital policy to have Milk Thistle extract in the gastroenterology department. It was used as treatment for patients with liver disease, especially liver failure in alcoholic patients. Why this medication is not used for the same purpose in North America is a mystery beyond comprehension.  There are so few things that can be used to support the liver, especially when this organ is in crisis, that every single herb with enough evidence should be utilized for this purpose to help patients improve their quality of life.

The liver is the primary organ (along with the kidneys and the intestines) involved in detoxifying toxic compounds, both acquired from the environment and the ones which are a by product of our metabolism. Without a functional liver life would be impossible. Most instances of liver failure are caused by what is called liver cirrhosis (which is basically the liver becoming hardened due to excessive production of connective tissue between liver cells), and most cases of liver cirrhosis are due to excessive alcohol consumption over a prolonged period of time. People vary greatly as to the extant that their liver is resistant to such insults, but as a general rule consuming the equivalent of one bottle of wine per day for 20 years will lead to cirrhosis in most individuals. Apparently this process once began is irreversible. However some Naturopaths dispute this. Needless to say this process can be substantially slowed town by proper supplementation and thus such supplementation can extend the life, as well as improve the quality of life of the individual substantially. Milk thistle, and especially its active compound called Silymarin can achieve this. Furthermore, this compound can protect the liver to help prevent the development of liver disease as well as help the liver in performing optimally especially with it’s detoxifying role….Read more…..

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Parsley the Superfood




This month is a body cleansing month. Therefore my blog posts would not be complete without writing about Parsley. Most people use this herb just as favouring, sprinkled on food, but only a few people realize that this humble herb is actually a Superfood. What I mean by a Superfood is a food that is packed with health promoting nutrients. Parsley certainly falls in this category. I also became interested in Parsley because of my growing interest in kidney health. Why kidneys? It’s because of my growing interest in detox in general and especially detox as preventative medicine. What I mean by this is that my medical focus is more and more on preventative medicine and treatment with natural compounds found in supplements and healthy foods and not just symptomatic pharmaceutical treatment of many diseases that could have been prevented by a healthy lifestyle and especially healthy foods such as Parsley….Read more…..

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Radical Remedies: Horny Goat Weed



Many men past the age of 30 suffer from erectile dysfunction. The causes may be psychological or physiological. The psychological causes are usually due to some kind of stress, where as the physiological causes are usually due to low testosterone or insufficient circulation to the penis. There is a prescription for both. It’s either testosterone replacement therapy in the form of a patch or jell, or drugs like Viagra or Cialis. The problem with both is that they can cause serious side effects. Too much testosterone causes hypertension and the excessive growth of the prostate. Viagra although very effective can cause headaches, indigestion, nasal congestion and even heart attacks or permanent visual impairment.

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