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Bowel Health~Part 2




In my previous blog on this topic I discussed the importance of Bowel Health. In this blog I will present some examples of how we can maintain a healthy bowel. The first way is through a proper diet. The inner lining of the bowel is directly exposed to everything we eat. The best diet for a healthy bowel and for our general health is the Mediterranean diet or the Japanese diet. They are actually very similar. These diets are rich in vegetables, fruits, and lean protein sources such as fish and poultry. Avoid processed foods. Processed foods, especially the ones rich in animal fats, contain substances which when digested are converted to carcinogenic compounds (i.e. compounds that cause colon cancer). This is why trans fats in beef and pork may predispose us to colon cancer in the long run. Processed foods also often contain preservatives and artificial coloring agents. All these compounds are toxic to our cells and can also act as carcinogens.

Another very important point is to keep your natural population of good bacteria at a high level. This keeps the bad bacteria in check, and this in turn keeps the exposure of bowel cells to toxic and carcinogenic compounds to a minimum. The best way to do this is to drink kefir or sour milk. These two products are filled with probiotics (i.e. the good bacteria). For those of you who are lactose intolerant or if you simply do not want to drink kefir all the time you can easily supplement with probiotic products….Read more….

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Bowel Health~Part 1




The upcoming topic on the Natural Health Show is Bowel Health. This is an extremely important topic so I am going to cover it in two blogs. The primary reason why it’s such an important topic is because the digestive track is the site where all ingested food gets absorbed into our blood stream to be further processed by the liver.

The GI track is approximately 6 meters long and its surface area (due to multiple folds and miniature hair like structures called villi) is the size of a football field! This large surface area is necessary to absorb all the nutrients contained in food. Thus it is absolutely crucial that this inner surface of the bowel is in optimal condition. Otherwise the bowel can not absorb digested food and water, which leads to nutritional deficiency, dehydration and diarrhea.

The other reason why bowel health is so important is because it is the site where literally billions of “good bacteria” are present. These good bacteria play multiple roles. First, by being so numerous they simply do not allow “bad” bacteria (i.e. the ones that produce toxins) to colonize the bowel to any significant extent. Secondly they create an environment around them that has such a pH as not to allow the “bad” bacteria to thrive. These bad bacteria produce many toxic substances which are not only harmful to the inner absorptive lining of the bowel but they are also absorbed into the blood stream, after which time they are distributed all over the body and can cause a myriad of toxic deleterious effects to our organs. When this occurs it can lead to a long list of serious medical conditions….Read more…..

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