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Guayusa Tea




Ever wanted to drink something that was just as stimulating as coffee but even healthier than green tea? Look no further. Guayusa comes from the dried leaves of the ancient and revered Guayusa tree in the South American rainforest. And it’s a marvel in a cup.

I’m sure that a lot of you like the taste of coffee and its stimulating effect. I do too. But the fact is, coffee is irritating to the stomach’s inner lining. It’s also hard on the liver. Tea, on the other hand, and especially green tea, contains L-theanine, a compound that has stimulating properties similar to those of caffeine. But it’s not exactly like caffeine. Green tea is also great because of its antioxidative property. It’s healthy for the heart and the cardiovascular system. But Guayusa takes tea to the next level.

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