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Radical Remedy: EPA vs. DHA

EPA and DHA belong to the Omega 3 fatty acids family. They are oils derived from cold water fish and krill which help protect them from cold water temperatures.

EPA is a potent anti-inflammatory and neuro-protective agent. Numerous human trials show that is very effective for major depression, schizophrenia and Huntington’s disease-a serious neurological condition. Studies also show that it holds great promise for the prevention and treatment of Alzheimer’s disease, mood disorders, bi-polar disorder and anxiety. An effective dose is 1000mg/day for at least a few months. Due to its anti-inflammatory component EPA is also very effective for inflammatory pain conditions such as arthritis.

EPA is also a potent inhibitor of blood clotting. As such it protects arteries from clogging up thus helping to prevent heart attacks and strokes. It does this without the risk of developing stomach ulcers as is the case with common over the counter medications used for this purpose.

DHA on the other hand comprises 50% of the weight of our brain. It is very important during pregnancy for the developing brain and eyes of the fetus. After birth it continues to be important as the child’s brain continues to grow. Mothers provide DHA in their breast milk and higher levels have been associated with better mental development in infants.

Fish oil supplements have come a long way since their introduction. When choosing a product be guided by your needs. If you are pregnant, a nursing woman or a child pick a product with a high DHA content. Otherwise your preference should be a high EPA product as this compound shows greater evidence for protecting us from a very significant number of serious medical conditions.

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