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Radical Remedies: Cancer Prophylaxis (Prevention)





We all know that cancer is a serious matter. Even though we are probably close to discovering a total cure, we are not there yet.

Most cancers form because of some insults to our DNA that cause mutations. These mutations cause our cells to lose the capacity to replicate in a controlled manner. The consequence is uncontrolled cellular division and therefore uncontrolled tissue growth. Without proper supplementation, nutritional support and medical care, the system usually shuts down.

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Radical Remedies: Medical Marijuana – Part 2




I am going to continue my discussion (from my previous blog) on canabinnoid receptors, CB1 and CB2, and their interaction with the two main active compounds in Medical Marijuana. CB1 is found mainly in the brain and CB2 mainly on the cells of the immune system. When cannabinoids bind to the CB1 receptors they produce psychoactive effects (feeling of euphoria, happiness etc.). The binding to these receptors also stimulates appetite (something beneficial in cancer and HIV patients), inhibits vomiting (something beneficial for patients on chemotherapy), and produces an anti-depressive effect. Continue reading