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Menopause – Part 2

menopause part 2

Natural Menopause Symptom Relief – Lifestyle Factors

Coming back to our topic of menopause, proper dietary changes are also very important. The diet should be rich in antioxidants, which can also be taken in supplemental form like green tea extract or grape seed extract. Also:

Avoid bad fats such as trans and saturated animal fats.

Avoid refined sugars (sweets, sweet juices, white wheat products).

Drink lots of fluids, especially cold ones to decrease the temperature during hot flashes (I heard that unsweetened cold lemonade is fantastic for this). Continue reading

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Menopause – Part 1




Menopause is something every woman has to go through eventually. It can be a gruelling experience that can tax the health of an individual to a great extent, with health repercussions that may last the rest of her lifetime. But it does not have to be this way. There are many natural, safe and healthy ways to glide, so to speak, through this transitional period with fewer unpleasant symptoms and with minimal deleterious effects on future health. Menopause is also not the tragic ending of fertility as some women would view it. I have spoken to very smart women in the past who said that menopause is very liberating. No more PMS, no more bleeding, no more mood swings due to menstruation cycles, and no more worries about birth control and unwanted pregnancies. But before we go any further, lets lake a look at what menopause really is.   Continue reading