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Radical Remedies: What is Detox?

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From a medical point of view it is the neutralization and excretion of toxic substances from our bodies. Some of the most common sources of these toxic substances are heavy metals in food and water or industrial and/or combustion engine derived pollutants. We either inhale them, consume them in our food or drink, absorb them through our skin, or they are produced as by-products of our metabolism. They are either directly toxic to our cells or cause damage by stimulating the production of free radicals and inflammation. They not only cause cell damage but may also accelerate the aging process and contribute to the development of many unpleasant medical conditions.

The most important organ that detoxifies these substances is the liver, but the kidneys also play a very important role in concentrating these substances in the urine and excreting them out of the body. Other means of detox are by excretion through stool, bile and sweat.


So how can we help the body to neutralize these harmful substances so that they don’t cause excessive damage to our bodies?

One simple way is to live a healthier life. Eat more protein (especially plant derived proteins; our seed blog entries this week provide excellent examples of sources that are not only rich in protein but are also excellent anti-inflammatory food sources packed with health promoting compounds), healthy fats, vegetables, and avoid simple sugars from things like table sugar, soft drinks, chips, white bread and white rice. Exercise on a treadmill or an elliptical machine, take breaks from alcohol consumption and try to stay away from tobacco.

But how else can we help our bodies? Here are a few great examples. Berries, greens, and vitamin C are great anti-oxidants which help the body stay clean of toxic substances. Revolutionary super foods such as spirulina and chlorella as well as parsley and cilantro are also excellent. These last four not only bind and help excrete toxins in general but they are also excellent in their ability to bind and help in the excretion of heavy metals.

These are very important things to keep in mind especially in our modern industrial world where we are constantly bombarded by impurities in our environment. Of course most of you will agree with me that having a car, electricity, internet, and an almost unlimited supply of consumer products and energy is fantastic. But let’s keep in mind the very important point of staying as green and as energy sufficient as possible in order to keep our planet green and clean. This is of upmost importance for our future and future generations as well as for protecting ourselves from the impurities that surround us. Try some of the tools I mentioned here to help the body in its fight against toxins and work with friends, family and work colleagues to live a greener lifestyle. We can then celebrate the priceless reward of living longer, healthier and happier lives.


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Author: Dr. Karol, MD

Alternative medicine expert, educator, medical health advisor and author. Recognized as a health expert who is highly knowledgeable in conventional medicine, supplementation, botanical medicine, clinical nutrition and diet and exercise programs. Karol graduated with a B.Sc. with distinction from the University of Manitoba in Winnipeg. Following this Karol completed a doctor of medicine degree as well as the medical post-graduation internship in Europe. Karol started his media career by hosting the radio Radical Remedies portion of The Natural Health Show. The Natural Health Show brings together a collection of health experts to discuss natural health solutions in a way that’s easy to understand. Karol also speaks on health matters and the potential of healthy ingredients on video blogs and at health tradeshows. He currently works closely with and represents some of Canada’s leading health product companies. Karol is currently the Medical Director of Vitarock.com, an online store for all things healthy. Here Karol reviews the products considered by Vitarock to ensure they meet the company’s four core pillars; to be pure, green, safe and fair. He also interacts directly with Vitarock’s online shoppers, being available by phone to provide a free medical consultation and to recommend the best possible products. He is also a senior advisor for dicentra, one of Canada’s leading regulatory and scientific consulting firms. Karol reviews science and compiles reports for Health Canada and the U.S. Food and Drug Administration to help companies bring new and exciting products and ingredients to market. His overall philosophy is that as a society we should implement a more personal approach to our existing medical system showing more empathy, personal attention, as well as emotional and psychological support to individuals in need of help. He also believes in the value of integrating modern Western medical practice with natural remedies, exercise, time spent with nature, and a healthy diet rich in super foods.

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